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The Company

INOX NAPARRA S.A., founded in April 2000, is meeting current challenges with quality, service and human capital as a letter of introduction and the fundamental driving force for a future of development and growth, being, as they are, specialists in the centrifugation of mechanical tubes with a complete guarantee of quality and service.

Industrial valve components are manufactured from mechanical tubes (spheres, rings, etc.).



Steel casting by centrifuging is carried out by spinning the mould on a horizontal or vertical axis, the resulting centrifugal force making the molten metal fill all the cavities of the mould.

This procedure is mainly applied to moulding rounded parts such as tubes, sleeves and bushes, rings, etc., without any need for riveting, given that the centrifugal force projects the molten metal onto the walls of the mould, forming a tube the thickness of which will depend on the amount of metal cast.

Parts of any shape can also be moulded by centrifuging when placed in moulds symmetrical relative to the axis of spin and whose supply channels are at the centre of the mould, the metal being fed to these channels through the running gate at the axis.

The manufacture of centrifuged tubes does not give rise to toxic waste when using metallic moulds.